Advertising formally can be a financial shock to any business. However, if you do not advertise, how will people know of your existence?

Check with your local newspaper, especially the one delivered free of charge to every home. Advertise first in this newspaper.

Do remember that many people cannot read. But most homes have a domestic worker and she usually takes the paper home. There she can ask her children to read for her if she sees something interesting in the paper.

One of your best advertising is your service. But you have to do excellent services first for the word to spread.

Your second best option is the location of your business. Your business should be located where a lot of feet pass. People driving in cars are not as attentive as people that are walking. They will get used to seeing your business everyday when they pass it on their way to work. In the time of need, they will remember.

Make sure that your business name is displayed properly and prominently. Make sure that you add to the name of your business. For example: Minnie's Perfume Business.

The more people that know about your business, the more business you will have.

If you want to become known quickly, you will need lots of other people to help you with the marketing. If you use this method you will need an excellent brochure.


Your Brochure is an excellent advertising tool.

Make brochures, not slapdash stuff, professionally designed brochures, but keeping the cost as low as possible. Get as many quotes as possible. These brochures must tell people who you are and what you do.

Remember, this is the first impression that your business will leave with the prospective customer. Tell the customer why they should do business with you.

This is very important! The brochure is the "window dressing" of your business! It can portray you as a small guy, or make you seem like THE business to do business with!

To assist with your advertising you need to place an advert in the local newspaper for people that want to start their own business.

You are basically looking for women who will market your business and help you to source business.

These WOMEN can work from home. They are starting this business very cheaply, they only need a telephone to do business. Charge them a small fee (maybe R100) to start this business. If you do not charge something, everyone will want brochures and nobody will do the work. They must make an investment of money, then you know they are serious.

Give every brochure a serial number. Supply them with a few brochures. On the front page of the brochure they must be able to print their name and contact number.

Record the serial number of every brochure as well as the name of the person that it was supplied to in a book specially kept for this purpose. Place a picture of your premises on the front page.

Every brochure that comes back to you together with the customer who then does business with you, earns money for the lady who distributed the brochures.