Develop and Design different types of Websites using Joomla!

Joomla is one of the most powerful and flexible types of Content Management Systems, especially when it comes to modifying and adapting it to design and develop different types of specialty websites. While the following is by no means a comprehensive list, it gives you a basic idea of what you can achieve when you attend the Joomla Training Course.

Here are some of the types of websites that you can design and develop with Joomla after attending the Joomla Training Course.

1. Joomla Business Website - You can create a business joomla website, to market your business, your services and your products. A business website advertises your products 24/7.

2. Joomla Mobile Websites - If you already have a Joomla website, but struggling to make it Mobile Compatible, then all your questions will be answered during the Joomla Training Course through a practical hands-on session.

3. Joomla Membership Websites - Some of the things that you can accomplish with a Joomla Membership Website include creating different membership levels, matching content access, hosting and managing a newsletter for your site visitors or subscribers, a helpdesk system for the members and much more.

4. Joomla Video Portal - You can also create a video submission and sharing site using Joomla. Some of the features that your users can enjoy may include uploading videos, sharing or recommending the videos to their friends, creating individual or business accounts on the video portal.

5. Joomla Newspaper and Magazine Websites - If you’re working for an advertising agency or newspaper company, you can develop and implement a successful newspaper or magazine website to suit the company’s needs.

6. Joomla Based E-Commerce Websites - If you are into selling products online (whether they are digital or shippable items), you can also simply and easily setup a fully-functional e-Commerce site using Joomla.

7. Joomla Based Business Directories - One of the projects that you are able to accomplish personally with this CMS is that of being able to successfully design, develop and launch a Joomla Business Directory.
Your Own Type of Site – Whatever type of joomla website you want to design and develop, we are available to help you achieve it in record time. The extent to which you can modify Joomla to create the type of website you so badly desire is limited by your own creative imagination.
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