Funeral Disinfectant Manufacturing Course

For any funeral parlour home or funeral parlour business, funeral disinfectants and cleaners are important. A Funeral disinfectant manufacturing business can be a lucrative business as the products made are used daily.

There are procedures that need to be followed in order to make sure that staff will be safe and for the funeral undertaker to be recognised as reliable and reputable. The staff that operates the funeral undertaking will be exposed to all kinds of hazardous substances whilst performing their duties.

Health and safety in any workplace is important to the health and safety of everyone, including people who visit the funeral parlour to make arrangements for a funeral or visit the parlour to pay funeral policies. People who are only visiting to pay a funeral policy or arrange a funeral are not as much at risk as staff that work in the funeral undertaking every day. Staff must be trained to understand the utmost importance of safety gear such as wearing safety boots and clothing as well as masks, eye protection, and proper suitable gloves (used only once).

Funeral Disinfectants Course in Randfontein.
Course Dates:
6 June 2020.
urse Price: R4000.

Guidelines must be given to staff about the general handling of the remains. Funeral disinfectants must be used to sanitise, disinfect and clean the premises especially after embalming has been done. In South Africa not many people are embalmed because of the high expense, but also because bodies are kept refrigerated. In cases where there is a potential risk of infection, the body is embalmed. When bodies need to be transported to other countries or entering South Africa it is law that bodies be embalmed.

Funeral disinfectants and chemicals must be used to make sure that germs are killed and to clean and disinfect all areas used during cleaning and coffining of the deceased. Sometimes bodily fluids spill, so funeral disinfectants are a must have in every funeral parlour business. Any remains and fluids need to be properly handled and treated – those working with them will need to disinfect and clean the work area thoroughly with the correct detergents and cleaners.

The main reason for the use of funeral disinfectants sold on the market is for the protection of those dealing with remains as well as the safety and health of the community. In the past funeral directors and others in direct contact with remains have fallen victim or been at risk of contracting Malaria, Typhoid fever and other highly contagious diseases.

Funeral disinfectants are used daily by every owner of a funeral establishment and for this reason the manufacturing of funeral disinfectants and cleaners are a good business to start. Making the products is simple and easy when you have the knowledge to manufacture them. No expensive equipment required.

We offer a funeral disinfectant and cleaning course where you learn how to manufacture the products needed to clean every part of your funeral establishment. The cost of the course is R4,000.00 and will take one day to complete.

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The law stipulates that every room, including the toilets must be disinfected on a daily basis. If you have a carpet in the reception, it may harbour germs and must be disinfected regularly.

The funeral disinfectant manufacturing course will equip you with the knowledge to manufacture the following products:

  • Disinfectant for the Mortuary.
  • Trolley and Instrument tray disinfectant.
  • Air refresher used in reception and public areas of the funeral parlour.
  • Liquid Carpet disinfectant used in reception and carpeted areas in the funeral establishment.
  • Disinfectant body soap for washing the deceased.
  • Anti-bacterial Hand wash used in the toilet soap dispenser.
  • Barrier Cream used on staff hands to protect against germs.
  • Disinfectant Liquid Laundry Detergent for washing clothing used in the funeral establishment. It is law that all clothing used daily be washed in the parlour and not taken home. This is to make sure that clothing that might be harbouring germs of harmful substances not be taken home.*
  • Toilet disinfectant and sanitiser.
  • Disinfectant Wall and Tile Cleaner.
  • Stainless steel cleaner.
  • Ammoniated Non scratch liquid Sluice cleaner.
  • Drain cleaner / opener.
  • Germicidal Dishwashing liquid detergent for the funeral's kitchen.
  • Disinfectant used to clean the hearse after delivering the body to the Mortuary.
  • Car wash and wax product for washing and cleaning the funeral hearse.

Nothing stops a funeral establishment from manufacturing their own disinfectant products for their funeral parlour. On those days during the week when not a lot happens, you can easily make your own funeral detergent products.

There is simply no wondering why it is important for a funeral parlour to purchase and use funeral disinfectants in the business! If you want to ensure that your health and that of your staff members are protected, then waste no time in investing in manufacturing for your own use or for selling to other funeral establishments. After all, they also need and use the products.