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One of the most devastating experiences that humans have to go through one or other time in their life is that of the death of a loved one.  Even if a loved one had been sick for some time, when death occurs, it is always unexpected. 

The picture is always the same: a grieving family in shock, starring at nothing, a room full of people hoping that the same fate will not befall them soon. Then there are the comforters, one simply has to say something, comfort the person who was left behind, but somehow one does not really know what to do or what to say. So a lot of hugs are passed around instead. 

Death is final and the Funeral Undertaker sees every person as a potential client, and rightly so. Someone must bury the dead. In countries such as South Africa which have high crime rates, HIV, many car and taxi accidents and other deadly diseases, Funeral Undertakers and coffin and casket manufacturers flourish.

Funeral Parlour Training Course in Randfontein.
Course Date: 22 - 23 May OR 19 - 20 June 2020.
Course Price: R5000.
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                        Only 3 Trainees per course.

Should you be unable to attend the Funeral Parlour Training Course, we are able to provide you with a Funeral Parlour Home Study Course Package that contains all the facts and information as if you were attending the Workshop Course. The cost of the Funeral Parlour Home Study Course is R3000.

*Please Note that you need to reside in South Africa to purchase the Home Study Package.

Funeral Undertakers are perceived to be cold bystanders but this is not always true. No one that watches a family's vulnerability, courage and grief during the funeral ceremony and at the grave can say that it doesn't affect them at all, especially when a child is buried.

Running a Funeral Parlour has its stressful moments as there is always the possibility that something can go wrong no matter how well planned the funeral service is. If there is a glitch it needs to be resolved quickly and professionally preferable without the clients even noticing that there was a problem somewhere.

The dignity provided by the Funeral Undertaker’s services during a time when the diseased person definitely does not look his/her best cannot be bought with money. Some people think they will never die, that they will live forever! Most people fear death and do not even want to talk about it.

Very few people decide before they die, how they will be buried, or discuss dying with family members. It is therefore not surprising that when a loved one dies, family and friends, who are already under tremendous emotional stress, must quickly make difficult decisions relating to the burial or cremation of the deceased.

It is the duty of the Funeral Undertaker to take all the stress related to the Funeral of the deceased away from the family so that they have time to deal with their grief.

A Funeral is one of the most expensive purchases that a client makes. A traditional funeral, including all the costs of a casket or coffin, burial plot, flowers, hearse, etc., can cost thousands of rands. Even if a person likes to bargain, at a time of death, that person will feel uncomfortable to compare prices or negotiate over the cost and details of a funeral.

Many people “overspend” because they equate the money spent to be a reflection of their feelings for the deceased person.

The first few funerals that are done by the Undertaker will make or break the business. Funerals touch the very core of a person’s being. A dignified, well organized and orchestrated funeral is remembered by all in the community. Those that are especially remembered and talked about at grass roots are funerals that are deemed to have been an unpleasant and a ghastly affair.

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