How to Create a Business Newsletter

Writing an effective business newsletter is not really difficult. Only one thing should be kept in mind when writing a newsletter: - A Newsletter is not an advertising medium. 

A newsletter is written to communicate with your customer or potential customers.  It is written in a friendly non stress (do not have to buy anything) manner and must definitely be fun to read, lest it be chucked in the bin before it can be read.

Customers must look forward to receiving the newsletter.  Ideally it should also contain tips and valuable free information.  Newsletters are low cost materials; - if written in the right style it can improve your business image and draw more customers to your business.

A newsletter should have a name, preferably a name that sounds as if it would be fun to read the newsletter. 

A newsletter should be well written without using big words, technical jargon and terms that the customer or newsletter reader might not understand. 

The tone of the newsletter should be conversational, and care should be taken with spelling.  Use a spell checker or let people proof read the articles for you.

If the front page of the newsletter is designed attractively and the item on the front page of the newsletter is interesting, people will be tempted to read through the whole newsletter.

Employees might be given the opportunity to write items for the newsletters as well. This will send the message to employees that their input is valued.  Edit the articles if you must, but place the articles even if it is just short snippets such as a unique joke or a delicious recipe. This means that most employees in the business can participate in writing the newsletter.

Add pictures of all staff members in the news letter.  Spend time focussing on one individual and the work, duty or performance of that person. 

Add articles about the staff and their families to the newsletters. Quote the staff when they talk about their work or family to give the newsletter that personal touch.  When customers know more about the people in the business that serves them, they connect to that business; it becomes their business of choice.  Customers become more willing to do business with the company.  Tell your customers of awards received by the staff and by the business.   

If different people write the articles for the newsletters, the newsletters will stay fresh because it will be written from different perspectives and experiences.

A newsletter is a reminder of the services and goods that the company render, but it should never be a newsletter that is used and sent solely for the purpose of advertising goods and services.

Use the newsletter to inform readers about new projects, completed projects, new content on the website or any other news worthy items that could be of interest to them.  Add a crossword or activity for the children to the newsletter so that the newsletter stays out of the rubbish bin longer! Make sure that the newsletter can be printed or saved.

Remember to always include contact numbers and the name of the person who wrote the article.  Make sure that the company website name is prominently displayed on the newsletter so that they are able to refer to your website.