How To Start a Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Business

Coffin and Casket manufacturing is an honourable profession because the coffin and casket manufacturer is providing a much needed final service to a fellow human being. A coffin and casket manufacturer, in building the product, makes sure that in death, the person being buried returns to the ancestors in a decent SABS approved coffin or casket.

HIV, AIDS, Ebola, road accidents, crime, robberies, hijackings, muggings, trafficking, rape and the killing of woman and children as well as drugs and other related deaths mean that the market for coffins and caskets are increasing daily. More people are dying than ever before. Businesses are losing customers due to the above, while Coffin Manufacturing and Funeral enterprises have a constant flow of business.

Coffin and casket manufacturing will always be in demand. Whilst some people die, other people are born. Remember that we have a huge influx of people from other countries as well.

HIV AIDS is a virus that mutates all the time. It could take many years to find a vaccine, let alone a cure. This increased demand for coffins and caskets has allowed people with entrepreneurial skills and abilities to enter the lucrative market of coffin manufacturing.

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Before 1994, the market was relatively closed. It was difficult for new coffin builders to enter the market.

After 1994, things changed drastically. Anyone can now start their own business in South Africa by making and selling coffins and caskets to anyone who wishes to purchase it.

Anyone can learn the skill of making coffins and caskets, and this means starting your own business!

To start a Coffin and Casket Business you will need appropriate training so that you will know how to manufacture pauper coffins, economical coffins, standard and luxury coffins. You also need to know how to manufacture Raised Lid Caskets.

The knowledge to build the coffins and caskets can only be acquired at the Trimo Training Center. You will be physically trained for a period of 4 Days during the hands-on course to manufacture a small coffin and casket which you can take home with you.

The process to make bigger coffins is the same as making a small coffin. The only difference is that the wood you work with is longer and wider. You will receive the dimensions of the coffins in your manual.

Coffin & Casket Training Courses in Randfontein.
Course Date: 25 - 28 May OR 8 - 11 June 2020.
Course Price: R5000.
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If you cannot attend the course but you have woodworking skills, we also provide a Coffins and Caskets Home Study Course Package that the entrepreneur can use to teach him or herself to make the coffins and caskets.

Please Note: This coffin and casket Home Study package contains exactly the same information as though you attended the course. The cost of the Home Study Package is R3000. You must reside in South Africa to purchase the Home Study Course package.

Coffin Training at the Trimo Training Center will enable you to supply the poor and the rich with quality funeral products. Funeral products being the term used for any product, such as a burial box, that is utilized or bought for the completion of a Funeral Service. You need to know how to Stain and Grain burial boxes and how to upholster the different burial boxes.

All coffins, except pauper coffins in someCoffin instancesare fitted with handles and decorations. The quality and type of Coffin handles and coffin decorations depends on the market which will purchase the burial box as not everyone can afford a luxury coffin. The training will include a supplier list of where all the above can be sourced.

During the course you will receive a manual in which the different types of wood, whether real wood or processed wood, is described in detail.

Entrepreneurs who do not have woodworking skills must attend the Coffin and Casket Course.

To enable you to manufacture and build the coffins and caskets quicker, we will provide you with the templates to manufacture a jig for the coffins. Jig templates are patterns used to shape all sizes of coffins and caskets. Without the jig templates you cannot make the jigs needed to build your products quickly and cost effectively. No more wasted time!

It is important to be able to distinguish between the manufacturing of a burial box (coffin or casket) for a grave burial and a burial box for a cremation burial. You must also acquire all information about the differences between a cemetery burial, a private burial, a farm burial and a traditional burial. This will equip you to understand what type of coffin or casket your client might require and why.

Never underestimate the prices that people are willing to pay for a burial coffin or casket as many people belong to burial societies. They have burial or funeral policies with many insurance companies. It is also worthwhile to know as much as possible about the funeral service traditions of different cultures.

Most deceased people fit into a normal coffin or casket. However, on occasion you will have to build outsized coffins and caskets. The art of Coffin and Casket Customization will be addressed during training as bigger people also deserve beautifully made coffins and caskets. In this instance a reference book such as a coffin and casket manufacturing manual, showing you how to manufacture your funeral product is needed. A coffin and casket marketing manual that assists and provides marketing ideas are also included.

One can never have too much information or too much support; in fact more is always better.

If one can source CD’s or DVD’s that show the whole process of manufacturing coffins and caskets as it is done in a workshop, would that not be the ideal? One would be able to see the whole process of making and using coffin templates, building the coffin jig, and how to manufacture the different types of coffins. If the spray painting process and the building of the coffins and casket is also shown, that would mean that one has hit the jackpot!

If one starts a coffin and casket manufacturing business you need to know what the cost of setting up the business will be. Coffins and caskets are not all made from the same materials. Without knowing what and how much of the same type of coffin or casket you will be selling it is difficult to quote a price out of hand. Remember, some cheap burial boxes and funeral products are made for funerals that are less expensive; others are made for expensive funerals.

YFlat Top Casketou will need Coffin and Casket plans, and definitely a cutting list for the wood. You will also need a cutting list for the seven normal sized coffin jigs and one for an outsized coffin jigs for larger people. It is ideal if you find a coffin and casket manufacturing manual that has detailed diagrams, listing all the sizes on the diagram with the length and width of each piece of wood.

You need to know what the acceptable sizes are of every size coffin and most of all; you need to know how to make leak proof coffins and caskets with strong coffin bottoms, strong enough to keep the deceased inside the burial box.

It is important to make sure that your product conforms to the SABS standard so make sure that you train with the right company, a company that trains according to the SABS standards. The company must also offer continuous support for at least 6 months to a year.

The company should provide you with a coffin and casket marketing manual and extras such a listing for you so that your product is advertised properly. You should be supplied with the knowledge on how to secure a funeral business without being a Funeral Parlour, what burial societies are and how they operate. The training company should provide you with a certificate of completion and training should last for at least 4 days with ongoing support.

It is possible to start this business by manufacturing your first few coffins and caskets in your double garage, in fact, I know of people who successfully started their business from their double garage. In this way one could make all the display coffins and caskets after hours and on weekends while still being employed.

Most of the tools needed to create beautiful coffins and caskets are already present in the average handy man’s garage. You might only need to purchase a compressor for spray painting the burial boxes which you will be staining and graining.

Is there competition out there? Of course there is! You will never find a business that has no competition! Ideally you should have continuous support when starting any business. A certificate of completion would help to make people aware that you know what you are doing. You must be able to draw freely from the business expertise of an expert coffin and casket builder who will provide you with advice, knowledge, and assistance and support while you are in the startup process of starting your own business.

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