Researching Your Market

The most important factor in research is finding out what your customer wants. Then you have to market and sell your business and the product in such a way that your product is preferred to the product of someone else.

You have to improve your understanding of what the customer wants and needs. The needs of your customer must always be first and the money will automatically follow.

The existing business already knows what the customer wants, so they stock it, and do what has to be done. Sadly not everyone understands the concept of excellent service.

There are many businesses, all of which sell mostly the same product. If you want your business to be successful, provide excellent service and your customer will become your advertisement.

Most businesses have the attitude that people must buy the product, pay the money and go away, until they need the product again. If a customer complains, it makes the owner of the business unhappy! What a sorry state of affairs!

The business exists because of the customer. You are not doing the customer a favour. The customer is doing you a favour by purchasing your product or services.

Your business must put the customer first, your activities being solely to solve the problems of the customer. If the customer did not have a problem, you would not have a business. If the customers stops supporting you, you have no business.

The fact is, not giving your clients good service can cost your business more than keeping your existing clients happy!

Another thing, they develop the memory of an elephant and the tongue of a serpent. They never forget. And rightly so. Incompetent service is unforgivable. It most certainly means no more customers from this client, his family or anyone that comes into contact with them.

They will make sure that they tell everybody what happened and along the way, sometimes the story will even pick up a tail. Disastrous!

Now, before you see people chasing you with brooms, these things can only happen because you or one of your staff members have not personally made sure that everything is done properly.

The flip-side of the coin is also true. If the service is orchestrated well, you will not be able to pay with money the potential free advertisement gained. 

DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING TO CHANCE. It is your duty to make sure that the money spent, no matter now inexpensive or how expensive, is money well spent.