Stress and Negativity in Business

New Business Owner Stress

Entrepreneurs contemplating starting a new business only want to hear the good stuff, but there are lots of good stuff and some bad. One of them is stress. Everything that is new causes stress. Do you remember your first bicycle, and how you fell and skinned your knees and elbows?  Do you remember the stress that you went through when your parents encouraged you to get back on and try again?  Well starting a new business is much the same.  You fall off a few times before you learn to ride.  It hurts in the beginning, but it gets better and better with practice and time.

Business owners, especially new business owners, experience a great deal of stress when making the decision to start a new business; after all money will change hands and no-one can guarantee that the business will definitely be a success!

Pressure can be good; it can help to increase performance. However, excessive stress, coupled with excessive business demands can cause the business owner to lose perspective, making it more difficult to take important decisions quickly and effectively.

It is the business owner’s duty to maintain good health and to make sure that work related stress and illnesses, either mentally or physically is treated immediately.

We all know that when an entrepreneur starts a business, he needs to dedicate a lot of time, effort and commitment to the project. However, if he does not make sure that he also has time for his family and time away from the business, his mind and body will start suffering from overload.

Business owners and self-employed people need to know what the signs of stress are:

Constant tiredness and inability to concentrate on the work at hand;

Irritability at home and at the business

Headaches, aches and pains

General forgetfulness

Negativity, leading to Depression

Poor judgement, not sleeping well

Stress is further complicated by debt problems, marital problems, and caring for children while at the same time running a business.

Take time to remember why you wanted to start a business.  Surely some of you goals were to spend more time with your family. Maybe you wanted to earn more money so that you could go on regular holidays?

Whatever the reason, you need to take regular brakes.  No phone, no worries.  Easier said than done. Yes, I know.  In my entire life I worked for a boss for 9 months, starting at age 16.  When he made unwelcome advances, I decided to start my own business.  A woman starting a business  38 years ago, especially being 7 months pregnant at the time, led to a great deal of gossip and speculation.  I surprised myself when I realised that I succeeded.

What a hell of a ride it was and still is.

Some very good advice: the day that I decided that enough was enough and closed my doors  for a week to go on holiday, was the day I started enjoying and appreciating my business.  I started to understand that I did not have to work 18 hours a day, every day of the week.  I still made a lot of money and my businesses did not go under just because I did not work every day.

The day that I started to delegate work to people that could do the job, my dog did not think I was an intruder, my daughter recognised me as the woman who gave birth to her and guess what,  I actually started making more money than ever before.

Yes, I contemplated this for a long time and came to the conclusion that when my brother advised me to go on holiday regularly, he was in fact giving me the best business advise ever! Whenever I went away from the business, I came back rejuvenated, full of ideas and energy.

It wasn’t easy; the first time I left to go on “holiday” I spent 3 days worrying about the business and returned the fourth day , only to find that my shops  did not burn down, my staff can work without my supervision and that  I could have enjoyed myself instead of worrying about the business all the time.

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