Successful Business Strategies

A focused business, with a focused owner and focused, well chosen dedicated and trained staff will achieve business success.  This goal can only be achieved if all members of the team, including the business owner do what they are best at doing. 

Right from the start, the owner of a business must concentrate all efforts on achieving the business goals which are the most important.  The business owner is the Leader of the team.  This simply means that as the leader, the business owners should employ only, (according to the business budget), employees who are the best in their field.  No one person has all the qualities, knowledge or capabilities to do everything that makes a business profitable and sustainable.  

Many business owners think that if they cannot do everything and they do not know everything, the staff will not respect them. Many businesses have failed because of this notion.

As an entrepreneur and owner of the business, it is critical that you know your weaknesses and your strengths. Acknowledging these traits will allow you to focus on the advantages you bring to your business.  It will assist you in identifying areas where you will need extra support in the form of a trained knowledgeable person that will perform the tasks that you are not able to.

As an entrepreneur you want to be successful in business. You will need a panel of well educated advisors.  Your staff should be part of that educated panel; so is the business accountant, the business lawyer and any other business consultant that you may need. 

Successful business owners know the value of regular staff meetings and the importance of harmonious business relationships within the business.

Meetings with staff members should happen on a regular basis so that employees will experience their inclusion in the team.  Do not talk the talk without walking the talk.  In other words, if staff members feel that the business owner values them as part of the team, part of the decision making, part of the vision and execution of THE DREAM, they will perform as though the business belongs to all; that everyone is working for the greater good.   The enthusiasm that this will create amongst team members will rub off on the customers, which will in turn make customers chose this business above all other businesses that serves their needs. If you want to succeed in business keep your thoughts, your words and your actions positive.

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